Datasets // Mumbai

SpaceNet AOI 8 – Mumbai

Catalog ID: 1040010036125500
Image Time: 2018-01-06

Download Instructions

To view the contents of the dataset

aws s3 cp s3://spacenet-dataset/spacenet/SN5_roads/tarballs/SN5_roads_train_AOI_8_Mumbai.tar.gz .

SpaceNet Simple Storage Service (S3) Directory Structure (AOI 8)

├── AOI_8_Mumbai
│   ├── MS      		# Tiled geotiffs of 8-Band Multi-Spectral raster data from WorldView-3
│   ├── PAN     		# Tiled geotiffs of Panchromatic raster data from Worldview-3
│   ├── PS-MS			# Tiled geotiffs of 8-Band Multi-Spectral raster data pan-sharpened to 0.3m
│   ├── PS-RGB			# Tiled 8-bit color-corrected geotiffs of RGB raster data from Worldview-3 pan-sharpened to 0.3m
│   └── geojson_roads_speed	# GeoJson labels of roads for each tile, with inferred speed

Mumbai // Roads Dataset Resources

AOI 8 – Mumbai – Road Network Extraction Training

The path to the processed ~400mx400m tiles of AOI 8 with associated road network labels for training is: